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Storage Container

Storage Container

As announced at the 2021 AGM, in April 2022 the Club rented a storage container. This was to provide storage, for a trial period, of members' sails and foils. After this trial, the usage of the facility would be reviewed.

In August 2022, as there had been good use made of the facility, the Committee decided to terminate the rental and purchase a container for the Club. At the end of August 2022 the leased container was taken away and, a few days later, the replacement delivered. Shortly thereafter, shelving was fitted within this new container.

Each member is allowed to store one set of sails (mainsail / foresail / spinnaker or the equivalent for single-handers, ILCA 4/6/7) and one set of foils (daggerboard/rudder). All items must be in sailbags and foilbags that are marked with the member`s name and boat/sail number. Items with no identification will be removed and placed outside the container at the owner`s risk. All items placed in the container should be as dry as possible.

The container is not to be used for storing any other equipment; there is simply not room. Anything other than dinghy sails or dinghy foils will be removed and returned to the member's boat.

The container is meant to allow members who sail regularly to travel by foot or cycle. Members who sail infrequently may be asked to remove their equipment.

It is the responsibility of the user to insure their property when it is in the container. If members intend to use the container, they would be wise to check with their insurer that their sails and foils will be covered by their insurance.

To make use of the facility, members must sign in the folder located in the wet room to register and to certify acceptance of the terms of use. They should also include details of what they intend to store in the container.

The key to the container is kept in the wet room. It must not be removed from the compound.

Currently the use of this container is free to Club members.

Last updated 13:03 on 11 June 2024

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