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Club Documents


This section provides access to a number of Club documents via the buttons which appear beneath Club Documents in the menu to the right. Currently all these documents are for Members only thus you must Login to see the buttons and gain access to the documents.

In addition to providing access to the SOP (see below), this section also allows members on line access to the minutes of recent Management Committee meetings and access to temporary documents which may be referred to elsewhere in the website.

Seafarers Sailing Club's Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Seafarers Sailing Club, like any other organisation, has a raft of documents. These range from the Club's Constitution or 'Rules' which can only be amended with the agreement of a significant majority of the membership to the design of the towing bracket fitted to the Club tractor.

For ease of reference and to facilitate reliable version control, all important Club documents are held under one cover, the Club's 'Standard Operating Procedures' or SOP. The SOP are presented to new members on joining and distributed to all existing members at least annually.

To read the latest version simply click on the SOP button to the right.

Some of the more important sections of the 'Standard Operating Procedures', SOP, include:

Rules and Byelaws

The most recent amendment to the Club Rules and the Club Byelaws was approved at the 2018 AGM and will be found at Section 4 of SOP.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

The Club's Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (SOP Section 14) is based on the RYA Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and Guidelines.
If you have any concerns regarding the welfare of a child at the Club then please contact Viv Rance, Seafarers' Welfare Officer (

Health and Safety Policy

The H&S sections of the SOP (Sections 12 and 13), which are reviewed at least annually, should be for reference only. If the Club's health and safety policy works as intended, everything of relevance to your well-being should be built into the design of the buildings and the boats, be part of club routines or, at worst, appear in a notice. For your part, as individual members you are required to:

  • take reasonable care of your own health and safety;
  • not interfere with anything provided to safeguard your health and safety;
  • report all health and safety concerns to a member of the Management Committee

If you have any concerns regarding health and safety at the Club, please contact any member of the Management Committee.

Other Sections

Other sections within the SOP deal with, for example:

  • Terms of Reference for Committee Members and other key personnel (SOP Section 5)
  • Duty Crew Guides (SOP Section 6 - see also here)
  • Cruising (SOP Section 8 - see also here)
  • Practice Sailing (SOP Section 10 - see also here)
  • Use of Club Boats (SOP 16.6 - see also here)
  • Boat Space Allocation Procedure (SOP 16.4 - click here for the latest Boat Space Allocation Diagram)

Last updated 20:11 on 20 February 2020

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